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Spring Farm Childcare – Home Based Learning Place

The Spring Farm Daycare is a wonderful and caring environment for the children as well as the parents, who wish to spend some quality time together. The childcare services are located in a picturesque countryside area which is close to the railway station and shopping centres. It also has a large variety of modern and traditional facilities, where you can leave your children for an hour or an entire day. The centre also offers home care services, and you may wish to enquire whether they also offer child care services, as this is extremely important if you have a young child who needs looking after.


The services offered by the centre are free for families with children over the age of five. This means that the centre is not just for very small kids, but also for very young children. It is also home-based, which provides a warm and friendly environment for your children. There are various schools in the vicinity of Spring Farm Daycare, including Holy Family Catholic School, St Patrick’s Catholic School and St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School. These schools are fully equipped to attend to your children during their gap weeks between trips home and school.

The centre also offers a number of benefits for its parents. For example, when you pay per session, there is a discount for registered clients. It also entitles parents to receive a voucher which they can use to pay for childcare every session.

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