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How Can a Women’s Prayer Journal Help Me?

A Woman’s Prayer Journal is perfect for the woman that is a student of God and her relationship with Him. My Prayer Journal For Women: 52 Week Scripture, Spiritual, & Guided Prayer Journal keeps track of my personal relationship with God through the seasons I am in each year. It gives me an opportunity to store my thoughts about my commitments to my God and to share what I’m thankful for each time I journal. There is always room for sharing what is happening in my life, and I keep the pages I make for my journal bulging and alive! Each morning I can look at my journal and know that I have not neglected my obligations to God.

Besides keeping my commitments to God, this journal also gives me a chance to remind myself of my priorities. When I keep my commitments to God, I am more likely to treat myself with gratitude and honor. The weekly journal allows me to say out loud those things that I need to do to move forward with my life. My commitments to myself and God give me the strength to stay on course with my plans for the future. When I am able to see my goals and dreams in concrete form, I am able to focus my energy and make good decisions.

My spiritual life has grown tremendously because I have been able to keep my commitments to God and follow through with them. It has also allowed me to grow personally and professionally as well. When I make a decision about how I will spend my money, I can count on God to help me. When I am not sure about something, I am able to ask Him for guidance in difficult situations. When I am feeling discouraged or confused about my commitments to God, I can turn to my prayer journal for comfort and encouragement.

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