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Auto Insurance – The Output and the Minimization of Coverage


No matter how old you are, your age doesn’t matter when it comes to getting the best coverage with no medical exam. Getting the best coverage means that your policy has a maximum coverage of 100,000 for the cost of one death benefit. The whole idea is to make sure that no matter what the age is you have coverage. This will save you a ton of grief if something happens to you.

This is why we call this the “output value step” because we give you the output (your death benefit) at 100 percent, so there’s no way you can step down in any way. The bottom line is, that unless you have an unlimited budget, you don’t need any further coverage. The bottom line is, if you don’t have an unlimited budget, don’t even think about having any more coverage. The reason for that whole step five is so that you get a feeling of not being “full coverage” even if you have an unlimited budget. We like to call this the “output value step”. It’s not good enough to just have enough coverage – you must feel like you’re full coverage.

So what’s the final output? Your death benefit is at the maximum of the output values of 100% and the total cost of your policy is at the minimum of the output values of 1000%. You have an investment decision to make – if it’s a 1000 dollar policy, what will you do with it? It’s important that you don’t take a “betrayal” risk in thinking that you don’t need it because you’re not getting any coverage. This is where step one comes in and this is where the “output value step” comes in. Step one is to understand that you are not fully coverage and step two is to figure out how much coverage you really need.

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